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Tips And Advice For Managing Arthritic Pain

Those of you who suffer from arthritis know only too well the pain that it can cause. Chronic pain is associated with many different conditions. For example, it's quite common for people suffering from chronic pain to also suffer from fatigue and depression, two things that are also common with arthritis sufferers.


To improve the quality of life when suffering from arthritis, the key is to reduce the amount of pain that it causes. Today we have provided you with some helpful tips that will allow you to get some level of relief from the pain of arthritis.


Warm Water Baths

Bathing in warm water is an excellent treatment for arthritic pain. The water takes the weight of the body, which consequently takes some of the weight off the joints.  This helps the joints to feel less painful as they do not have to carry as much weight as they usually do.


The warmth of the water also helps to expand the points, providing them with greater room for movement and for accommodating the arthritic growths.


One of the best things that you can do is visit a hot spa, such as those found in Bath and in northern countries, such as Iceland. These natural springs usually contain electrolytes and other minerals that can help manage arthritic pain.



There is limited research on the effects of supplements for arthritis. However, some supplements to show signs of promise. For example, glutamate and cod liver oil may provide some relief for painful joints.


There is also some evidence that certain herbs, such as ginger and turmeric, can help reduce inflammation, and in turn help reduce the pain associated with arthritis.



Collaflex is a less well-known supplement, and there is no scientific evidence to support claims that it helps arthritic pain. Nevertheless, many people who use it feel that it provides some level of benefit. This is potentially a placebo effect, but even so, self-reported pain levels may appear to reduce.  This is of course anecdotal, but it is worth bearing in mind anyway.


When taking supplements, such as Collaflex, turmeric, and cod liver oil, you will not feel the effect straight away. People tend to report pain levels dropping after 12-weeks of use. You may need to persevere a while before you feel any relief. Unfortunately, there is also no guarantee that you will feel relief, but many do.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Other Psychological Interventions

Whilst the placebo effect means that the medicine itself is not having an effect, the body does respond as if it is having an effect to a degree. The placebo effect is weird because it is at once wrong but also right. We do not understand the placebo effect, but it is likely to have psychological origins.


Other psychological treatments and interventions can help people to manage their pain levels better. Whilst this isn't actually changing what's happening in the body, it does change our reactions to it, and in turn, this can  reduce the  subjective feelings of pain.


Cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis have been shown to have some effects on pain levels in arthritis. They can also help people to manage their moods, meaning that the illness has less of an effect on their moods.


We hope that you have found these tips useful. They are certainly worth bearing in mind. Many people who suffer with arthritis have found some level of relief from all of the above listed tips.


Vegetables And Plant Based Supplements Are Important

With so much emphasis on personal health, it is not surprising that many programmes on television are trying to get us to ditch empty fast foods and switch to a better diet.


It is truly horrific to see so many people clinically obese because of poor lifestyle choices.  They may be healthy now but obesity brings with it problems later on in life. Illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are a real possibility if nothing is done about this crisis.



There are now many super foods such as Beetroot Extract that are available in capsule or juice form from online retailers. Even if you are lacking a good diet, you can still supplement the food you eat with these.


The above mentioned supplement lowers blood pressure and increase the flow of blood that courses through your veins.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are known to reduce illnesses that are related to the lifestyle many of us lead. I was astonished to learn that many people do not want to cook a meal from scratch due to time pressures.  This in turn has led to fast food outlets springing up and causing butchers and green grocers to disappear.


It has also been shown through studies that eating more vegetables and fruit will decrease the risk of becoming obese.  If you should make the switch to a healthier diet your will feel more energised and your complexion will also benefit.


Because the consumption of this super food increases blood flow, another study has suggested that a supplement or actually eating beetroot helps people with dementia as it increases blood flow to the brain.


The supplement helps diabetes sufferers to lower glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity. As all plants contain roughage the bowel region is helped by keeping it free from constipation.  This in turn keeps the digestive tract healthy. The bloodstream is facilitated by being able to take up nutrients that are digested.


You need to make sure that with increased health you also exercise regularly to stimulate the cardio vascular system.

Cleaning Inside As Well As Out For Healthy Living

There’s two types of cleaning that can be summed up by the words comprehensive and superficial.


A superficial car clean is a drive through an automatic car wash but no effort made on the inside of the car. And a comprehensive one involves restoring the car to as close as possible in and out, to original showroom standard.


You can apply this way of thinking with your own body. Fortunately, most of us enjoy a daily scrub-up in a bath or shower. If we really want to feel cleaner than that, something like a Turkish Hamas involving a scrub that removes dead skin cells is even more invigorating.


The internal clean is simply a healthy digestive system. If we eat the wrong sorts of foods that normally means high in salt and sugars without enough roughage, then our insides don’t flow well enough.


Various enzymes and bacteria are essential components in achieving this. Some people also feel that a colonic irrigation procedure helps achieve an inner cleanliness. They are in a minority, as attention to their diet may rule out any need for this intrusive and fairly drastic action.



A supplement such as Colosan is a far less uncomfortable method that acts as a mild laxative whilst stimulating healthy bacteria growth. Gut bacteria are an essential part of food digestion. The number of bacteria we all carry between mouth and anus is an estimated two kilos worth.


It's a strange fact that babies are probably born with no bacteria in their gut whatsoever. And yet, from the second they enter into the world, bacteria enter their gut.

It’s easy enough to see how badly people in the west eat. It’s now official that more than half the population of Britain are obese. This is a direct result of unhealthy eating and arguments that it’s genetic is in most cases, just rubbish.


Supplements can help but are probably a waste of money if a drastic change of diet does not accompany this action.

Beware The Negative Side Of Antbiotics Over Probiotics

In recent years a lot has been said and written about the downside of the over-prescription of antibiotics.


The first extensive use of antibiotics was during the First World War where there is absolutely no doubt that they saved the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers. And from that time on for the next several decades they were deemed to be the wonder cure-all drug.


But in more recent years, doctors have become less generous and more cautious about handing them out. There must now be a very good reason for their use. In most cases, milder bacterial infections are best left to themselves and the body’s natural defence system will take care of the problem.


If a course of bacteria is taken when there is no major infection, the body will build an immunity that will mean should a genuine need for antibiotics be needed in the future, it will have no effect.


Another problem with antibiotics is that they destroy not just the bad bacteria they are intended for, but also just as many good gut bacteria. This is the reason many people on a course of bacteria suffer diarrhoea as the balance of gut bacteria is heavily disrupted.


How useful a course of probiotics is, is open to debate. But certainly, there are many that find these products beneficial.



Optibac probiotics are manufacturers of several different probiotics suitable for a variety of occasions. Although probiotics do not have to be taken quite as carefully and courses completed as with antibiotics, the instructions should still be followed.


There are various other naturally formed probiotics such as live culture yoghurts and if you can find it, live kefir. Both are packed with a plentiful supply of good gut bacteria.

And if you are on a course of antibiotics then there is absolutely no reason not to take probiotics at the same time. These are good bacteria that are not what the antibiotic is intended to destroy.


At the same time, foods high in fibre may also help prevent trouble with digestion.

Vmhs Vitamins Minerals Nutritional And Herbal Supplements Boom

The main reason for the 82-billion-dollar global market in supplements, defined as vitamins, minerals and nutritional and herbal supplements, is an ageing population. (VHMS).


It’s also peoples’ growing awareness and desire to stave off any ailments before they occur. Bio-science is constantly identifying the deficiencies that lead to specific medical problems. The medical fraternity openly encourage older people to take not just an aspirin a day, but a B12 tablet.


Aspirin is good for the heart and B12 increases energy that the elderly lack through diminishing appetite or the lessening ability to absorb nutrients through the usual digestive process.


But there is also a desire to treat problems organically without the need for expensive drugs that might have harmful side-effects.


This is almost like going back to nature where a knowledge of herbal remedies was the self-cure for thousands of ancient generations. Many supplements are derived from particular plants with ancient healing powers.


If a person has a cough or a cold, they don’t need to buy expensive proprietary medicines from the chemist. They can take root ginger with honey or lemon in a hot toddy.


Probiotics are increasingly being bought. But even here, in many cases just live organic yoghurt can help.


The whole culture of seeing the doctor with any small problem and expecting a quick fix is under scrutiny. In some ways the fact that it now takes so long to get an appointment may be regarded as beneficial to both patient and doctor.


Many vitamins, minerals and nutrients are manufactured in the UK and sold under the name of Biocare Products.


They are manufactured under strict controlled standards and when you understand the positive purpose of various vitamins and other supplements to help tackle minor ailments, this is a good alternative to a trip to the doctor.


Alternative remedies should always be explored. Some people have discovered that Chinese medicine has worked for them where their usual western medicine didn’t.

There are many tales of people being cured of a long-term neck or backpain with a course of acupuncture.

Good Diet And Probiotics Help The Digestive Tract

The importance of our digestive system can’t be underestimated as it has a massive influence on our wellbeing.


It keeps our immune system in optimal health and this helps us fight diseases. Moreover if it works well IBS and other similar digestive tract conditions are manageable.

However, due to environmental pollution and the poor diet many of us have the digestive tract is often compromised. In order to start looking after it we need to take Biocare probiotics for instance we can help the beneficial flora in our gut protect us from pathogens and viruses.


A healthy balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria is necessary for the functioning of the bowel area. Apart from keeping immunity strong it will also help with digestion and the absorption of nutrients.


Certain bacteria do help to prevent infections, especially over the winter months or reducing them which is especially beneficial for the older population.


These organisms can also help us from feeling bloated. Poor choices in diet or antibiotic can allow the bad bacteria to flourish. When that happens, the balance shifts and that could cause stomach problems.


Apart from adding probiotics to your daily intake you could also alter your diet to maintain health. You may have experienced protests from your stomach if you eat something that it doesn’t agree with.


You may put on weight, be very windy or suffer constipation. As we get older our hair often thins.  This could be a sign of lack of iron.  You could start to add leafy vegetables to your meals which provide this element and also contain fibre to keep your intestinal tract free of debris.


If you are constipated you may not drink enough fluids.  It is important that you keep yourself hydrated and fibre from the right foods will also help.  Fibre does attract water and this will make it easier for you to go to the toilet.


It speaks for itself that smoking and drinking too much don’t help either. Drinking can cause acid reflux which is heartburn.

The Ultimate Colon Cleanser Just Got Better

Bowel irrigation always seems to many of us to be a little too harsh. And yet there are many exponents of this procedure from film stars to other well-known celebrities.


The problem many of us have with this procedure is that the natural flow of waste is not from the rear upwards. The digestive system is designed to go just one way.


Many people that feel the need for a colon cleanse prefer to take a suitable supplement by mouth. There are many different types of supplements for this procedure and often it’s just a question of trial and error.


None can possibly do any harm, although some are bit livelier than others. This means for a first-time user it’s safest to begin a course at the end of the week when a person is in the privacy of their own home and not too far from the bathroom.


Nearly all the products contain oxygen, good bacteria and sometimes some magnesium. These are all products designed to clean the colon by loosening any compacted waste.


Unlike the bowel irrigation therapy, the action can begin in the small intestine when the delivery of bacteria and oxygen first gets to work.



Many of the products begin with the word oxy. So, it’s not difficult to work out the main ingredients of a popular one named Mag 07 powder.


This ozonated magnesium helps shift waste that in turn can include toxins on the lining of the intestines and in particular, the colon.


One of the by-products of this procedure as reported by many, is some benefits towards weight loss. This may not be the case for everyone, but a colon cleanse can help with many other health issues.


This is because a poor digestive system that may have become a bit sluggish, can reduce the nutrients absorbed into the blood. And this can manifest itself in many ways. Headaches, tiredness and irritability may all be attributed to a poor digestive system.

Love And Hate Yeast

The two most widely used and recognised forms of yeast are brewers and baker’s yeast. They’re single cell organisms that feed on sugar or starch to create carbon dioxide and alcohol.


The slight problem is that there are certain other types of similar fungal organisms that are more of a menace than a creator of bread, beer and wine. One of these is classed as gut flora and is known as candida.


All of these yeasts are a form of fungus. And when we suffer an overload of candida it reveals itself as white spots at the back of the mouth, the vagina or as skin conditions.

But by the time it’s visible it should be remembered that just like the fungi in the woods, only a small fraction of it is in view.


There are many conventional medicines prescribed by medical professionals to help combat an outbreak. Most of the time these work. But they are not necessarily getting to the heart of the problem.


This is an imbalance of gut bacteria that in itself is an essential part of the digestive system. Diets should be looked at and probiotics taken.


Whilst live yoghurts and kefirs certainly can help, a branded product like Threelac has proved itself to be of great benefit.


You can buy Threelac online from places such as The Finchley Clinic and they truthfully advise that whilst it gets consistently good reviews from many customers, it won’t necessarily work for all.


But do persevere for a while and you may be very surprised. Read the site carefully and there may be another product there that looks equally promising.


Just as I don’t understand the reason for not putting aside a lesson for children at school in basic first aid, equally understanding the intricacies of the fascinating process of digestion and therefore good diet, should be taught.

If youngsters had a better idea of how important food has upon their health, they might think twice about high sugar content foods and drinks.

The Secret Enemy Within

The digestive system is a fascinating process that takes raw materials and extracts minerals and vitamins as well as oxygen and hydrogen into our blood.


From mechanical actions like chewing in the mouth and the cement mixer that is our stomach, through all the different enzymes and bacteria there is very little waste.

Over millions of generations the system has learnt to deal with essential foods but only in the past couple of generations have we learnt to interfere with food and complicate the process.


Insecticides, pesticides and excessive sugars are just the tip of these extras that make up a cocktail of ingredients our bodies have to adjust to. The ignorance of some people knows no bounds.


As nearly half the youngsters in the west are identified as obese, some fizzy drinks companies have finally been shamed into reducing the amount of sugar used in production.


The result? People stock-piling the last of the heavy sugar ones by the pallet load. Diabetes is on a massive increase and will soon be the most expensive healthcare cost. What is candida if it isn’t just another sugar related problem?


In our gut essential bacteria exists and around half of us have a gut flora called candida that is a form of yeast. Yeast loves sugar and thrives on it. So instead of the amount of candida microorganisms kept under control it explodes causing all sorts of uncomfortable problems.


There are many conventional medicines but there is still plenty of action we can take to help minimise the risks. The first obvious one is to eat and drink healthily. Many people swear by probiotics as it’d believed that the introduction of a boost of good bacteria helps.


These are a handful of well-known bacterium that can be found in live organic yoghurt and drinks such as kefir.


Candida can be particularly virulent amongst diabetics, elderly and sick people with a weakened immune system and anyone on a course of antibiotics.


Probiotics are the opposite of antibiotics so anyone on a course of these should consider taking these products even if there is no obvious outbreak of candida.

Altitude Climate And Pollution Free

There’s probably nowhere on the planet that’s completely free from air borne pollutants but the remotest parts are as close as we can get.


The North and South Poles present some of the cleanest air but even here there are nations that want to exploit and destroy.


And anyway, how many of us have ever visited? Very few, and let’s hope it can stay that way. Nearer to home there are high relatively uninhabited regions. Most of us have experienced a mountain walk and get uplifted by the quality of the air and the breath-taking views.


You only have to walk the Scottish Highlands and scoop up the streams running through the moss to discover how good water can taste. Tap water after that is never quite the same.


Some explorers of the high mountains north of Pakistan and heading all the way to the Himalayas noticed that not only is the water created by ancient ice glaciers that have subsequently thawed, taste delicious. But they also observed the health and longevity of the indigenous people.


A closer examination of the water found a surprising amount of silica. Water collected from this Hunza region eventually became known as crystal energy water back in the western world.


Silica is an essential mineral for many parts of the body. Whilst it’s true that it is found in many healthy foods, particularly root vegetables, few of us eat too healthily.


There are certain minerals and vitamins that our body needs in regular supply and it’s impossible to overdo it. Vitamin C is an example of this and so is the mineral silica.

People that take a daily drink of this silica rich water claim to feel revitalised and there are many new converts to the habit.

Many in the comfortable affluent West may sit in their armchairs watching a programme on television of near nomadic people in cold remote areas and feel sorry for them.

The joke is that with their unadulterated healthy food and water, they’re living longer and healthier lives.

Four Things to Look for When Choosing a Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are one of the most popular choices of health supplement right now. This is because there are so many different types of probiotics, and they have such a wide range of effects on our health, that they are suitable and helpful for a huge range of common ailments.


Before you rush out and buy any old type of probiotics, though, you should consider the following four points. This will help to ensure that you buy a probiotic that is right for you and that will address the issues that you have.


  1. The strains it contains

The first thing you should look for is the actual strain being used in a probiotic. Different strains do different things. Before you make your choice, make sure that the product you're buying has strains that address your particular issue.


For example, if you're looking to take a probiotic to make it easier for your body to process milk, you need to look for a probiotic that can fulfil the role of lactase, or that produces lactase. If you are looking for something to help with bloating, look for a strain that deals with gasses, such as sulphur.


  1. The number of strains it contains

Most people will have a non-specific reason for taking probiotics. For example, they might be taking them to see if they can improve their overall health. If this is the case, you need to look for a brand of probiotics that contains multiple strains, such as Threelac, which contains three different strains, or Fivelac, which contains five different strains.


The more strains a probiotic contains, the more issues it will be able to address. Choose a probiotic with up to seven different strains to help cover as many issues as possible.


  1. The number of probiotics per dosage

In order for probiotics to work, they need to be able to take hold in the body. This means that they need to come in a sufficient quantity to ensure that they are not killed off by the body’s existing probiotic strains. Each dose needs to contain at least a million probiotics. Otherwise, taking the supplement is pointless because the probiotics simply won’t take hold and grow.


  1. How well the probiotics are cared for

Finally, is as well as ensuring that the probiotics contain enough to take hold, you need to also ensure that they are fit and healthy. Probiotics have a shelf life. After that point, they die and all you would be taking is dead probiotics and they won’t do anything – it’s not dangerous, but it’s completely pointless.


For this reason, you need to pay attention to use by dates. You also need to ensure that the manufacturers look after their probiotics correctly. They need to be well insulated and packaged. Each capsule needs to be airtight and secure.


If in doubt, do some research and find out which manufactures come out on top as per customer reviews.

Candida: What Is It? How Do You Spot It? How Do You Get Rid of It?

Candida is a type of microorganism, and specifically, it is a yeast. Most people carry candida on their body without any issues – our friendly bacteria keeps it in check. However, occasionally, it can get out of control. When it does, we develop an infection known as candida overgrowth. Below, we are going to teach you more about the candida infection. This will help you to identify it and eliminate it if you need to.


Is Candida Found Anywhere on the Body?

While candida can be found anywhere on the body, it is much more likely to be found in areas that are damp and moist, such as the mouth, feet, digestive system, and genitals. Candida is the yeast that causes both thrush and athlete’s foot – to give you some indication of the type of places you will find it.


Does Candida Serve a Purpose?

Given that we find it throughout the body, you might well ask if it therefore serves a purpose. The answer is “yes”. In small amounts, candida is actually beneficial. It helps us to digest some of our food and it also helps to fight off bacterial infections. It is only when the candida organism begins to grow out of control that it becomes a problem.


What Problems Does It Cause?

When candida grows out of control, it will start to cause problems. Here are some of the things that can happen, depending where on the body the infection takes hold:


  1. It can lead to infections such as thrush, athlete’s foot, and oral thrush.


  1. It can lead to toxicity in the blood if it manages to pass the blood barrier. This is very rare and only happens in people with severely compromised immune systems.


  1. It causes digestive issues, usually mild, but can be embarrassing – lots of wind.


  1. It prevents the immune system from working properly. Because the immune system will need to fight the candida, it has fewer resources, making you more susceptible to developing other illnesses, such as flu and colds.


  1. It can make you extremely tired and lead to cognitive issues such as brain fog.


How Do You Treat Candida?

There are many ways of treating candida and you can find a variety of supplements, such as Oxy Powder, Elements Max, and others that can help. You can also take an oral anti-fungal medication, which is available over the counter in the UK.


So, the next time someone asks you, what is candida? You will be able to provide them with a good answer and over view. Candida is a microorganism that lives on the body. From time to time, it can grow out of control at which point it becomes an infection. You can treat it using a range of supplements and medicines.


Colon Supplements: Are They Worth the Money?

Today, we are going to explore the wonderful (or not so wonderful) world of colon cleansers. There are many on the market and they are one of the most popular forms of health supplements that you can find. Here, we are going to take a look at the way in which our digestive system, and in particular the colon, work, and how supplements can help them become more efficient.


How the Colon & Digestive Systems Work

Next time you feel nervous when in the company of someone you find foreboding, just picture this: right now, they are carrying poop around in their intestines. This never fails to prove a great equaliser for me.


It also points to the way in which our digestive system works: as long as we have a consistent diet and eat regularly, the digestive system is always engaged. At any given moment, we are carrying around at least 1lb of waste products.


Now, carrying around this extra waste is normal. However, it can become disrupted. If the waste becomes stuck, or if it moves through the system too fast, it can be dangerous. The first can cause toxins to build up in the body, as well as causing constipation, which at times can be life-threatening. The latter means that we do not have enough time to extract the nutrients from our foods, and if it happens too often, we can end up malnourished.


Why Do We Need Colon Cleansers?

When we become constipated, our body finds it difficult to pass waste products. This increases the number of toxins in the body and also contributes to an increase in the number of dangerous bacteria in the body. In turn, we can suffer from numerous problems, including:


  • Brain fog and fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Thrush
  • Flatulence and trapped wind (Which can be extremely painful)
  • Mood disorders
  • Tummy pain
  • Bad breath


The list goes on and on.


Colon cleansers, such as Colosan capsules, help to clean the colon. This happens in two different ways:


  1. It helps to loosen any compacted faecal matter (i.e. it loosens constipation), which can then pass through the body.
  2. It helps create a friendly environment within the digestive tract, which means that our good bacteria (that helps fight off infections and helps us to break down food) can flourish.



In short, supplements such as Colosan capsules restore our bowels back to health. The exception is when you have severe digestive problems. In these instances, you will need to visit your GP and potentially undergo a hospital admission. Very few people realise the seriousness of extreme constipation. It can be extremely dangerous. Fortunately, it is relatively rare and tends to be something that happens in old age.


With mild to moderate symptoms, a colon cleanse is really all you need. These cleansers also act as a preventative, minimising the risks that the problem will recur.


Finally, it is important that you eat a balanced diet and that you exercise regularly. These are the natural defences against colon and digestive issues. Clearly modern life is not set up to care so much for our bodies, and this is why we are seeing an increasing number of people turning to supplements to help.